Meet the Team

The Tutorfly Team is based out of Los Altos, CA, and our tutors are available to tutor locally or online across the country.

Parsa Rezvani
Co-Founder & CEO

Parsa’s background is in sales and marketing. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and entrepreneurship from UCLA, and has completed coursework in finance and programming as well. He has been both a recipient and provider of peer tutoring throughout high school and college, and is most excited about Tutorfly Tutors being guiding role models in addition to academic tutors for younger students. When Parsa isn’t working with the stellar Tutorfly Team, you can find him playing volleyball or volunteering with

Alejandro Mendoza
Co-Founder & CTO

Alejandro graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a joint bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics. While at Mudd, Alejandro held positions as a peer tutor and as a Peer Academic Liaison for other students on campus. From his experience, he gained a passion and appreciation for the positive impact peer tutoring can have in an academic community. Alejandro spends his free time exercising at the gym and searching for the finest tacos around.

Angela Li
Full-Stack Software Engineer

Angela is a UCLA alumnus with a background in software development and user psychology. She has previously served as the vice president of a language tutoring club, and is most interested in how Tutorfly uses technology and connectivity to make educational support more accessible for all. Outside of the office, Angela enjoys reading novels and trying out all kinds of tea.

Sharn Sahota
Director of Product - Tutorfly for Schools

Sharn’s background is in business development and marketing. She graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in business economics and entrepreneurship. As a peer tutor and recipient during her time at UCLA, Sharn has received a deep appreciation for peer-to-peer learning. She is most excited about supporting schools and organizations tackling the educational divide by leveraging the power of technology and peer support. You can find Sharn, in her spare time, playing basketball or traveling.

Deniz Tumer
Full-Stack Software Engineer

Deniz graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2017 with a degree in Software Engineering. Through college and work, Deniz has been lucky to have been surrounded by dedicated mentors who cultivated his software development and leadership skills. He is excited to be a part of a platform that can provide the same mentorship experience to every student across the country. When Deniz is not coding, he loves playing Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, and wearing a mask.

Joe Nunez
Full-Stack Software Engineer

Joe grew up in Colorado and is a graduate of Harvey Mudd College with a joint major in Mathematics and Computer Science. He worked as a peer tutor and grader for a variety of math and computer sciences courses during his time at Mudd. He gained an appreciation of the importance of being able to view the material from the standpoint of the student as well as the educator. Joe spends his free time playing with his dog, climbing mountains, and searching for the perfect cannoli recipe.

Tutorfly has been empowering student success via peer tutoring since 2017! On Tutorfly, over 2,000 certified academic tutors double as role models. Browse for tutors yourself or contact a member of our team for a personalized tutor recommendation. Most tutors charge $25/hour, and they keep 100% of what you pay for tutoring. When our tutors and clients are happy, we're happy!

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